Cert Manager Notes

As cert-manager approaches to hit v1.0 I found a few things that I need to start tracking like versioning, secrets, and other peculiarities about its functionality on kubernetes.

How it works

Cert manager has different components: an issuer, a certificate request, a certificate, an ACME order and challenge.

You define an issuer with some information like ACME server, email, a private key which is your secret to communicate with the ACME server, and a set of solvers.

After deploying your issuer, you need to add an annotation and a tls section to you application ingress, so the cert-manager webhook can start creating a certificate request to get a certificate. The TLS section must have a different secret name than you issuer secret name. As the certificate request is submitted it will create an order which generates a challenge to the server. After the challenge validates the domain and ipaddress, the certificate is generated.

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